Thursday, July 29, 2010

Up, up and Away

Hello Bloggers!
I just got back from a week in the beautiful mountains! I had the opportunity to serve at Young Women's Camp for the second year in a row. Here is a thought that occurred to me while I was there:
"I'm having so much fun at camp and I wonder if I should feel guilty or that I am doing it wrong because I am having such a blast. The Spirit reminded me that service brings joy. It's okay to feel joy when we serve. So...I will go forward and continue to serve and continue to have joy while I do it."
I will go back to being MIA because I am returning to the mountains, this time with my family...can Summer really be ending?

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Woman In the Orange Gia

I consider myself to be a fairly well-adjusted woman. I haven't really aspired to be someone else since my impressionable college years. However, the other day I was cruising along the main thoroughfaire of my town (in my "swagger wagon")

I pulled up next to this cute little Karmann Gia.

Even though antique two-seaters have always been on my favorite list, it was not just the car that caught my attention. It was the "whole package".

She wore a large rimmed straw, similar to this one.

Whisps of hair blew in the breeze of her partially rolled down window.

On the passenger seat sat an oversized straw basket purse resembling this one.

Was she headed to the farmer's market for fresh fruits and vegetables? Or was she on her daily errand for fresh bread from the boulangerie? Or maybe she was headed to the local flower mart for a bouquet of fresh flowers...

Of course she would soon return to her quaint beach cottage similar to this one.

For a split second I wished I was this woman. She has crossed my mind several times this week because she exhibited the certain joie de vivre I covet. To me, she was the whole package of what I desire to posess. And it had little to do with material items. One day, maybe sooner than later, I will have it!