Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon~Movie Review

I did not have high expectations for this movie since this book was my least favorite in the series. Here are some thoughts that I have about the movie...
  • LOVED it! Thought it was better, overall, than Twilight! Better budget, better acting, better emotion...LOVED it!
  • One of the problems with New Moon; the book for me was I was so in awe of Edward that I never allowed myself to become emotionally attached to Jacob. In this movie, Taylor made it very easy to do just that. Okay, yes we know his body is amazing...but his acting was so sweet. I just couldn't believe that in the book, but totally did in the movie. I actually forgot about Edward for a few moments in the movie...just a few.
  • Bella...oh Bella. I have never, ever been a fan of book Bella or movie Bella. For the first third of this movie I was actually asking myself, "Am I beginning to like Bella?" Any movie that changes my strong opinion that extreme is a good one. However, once she began to mess with Jacob all my negative feelings for her came right back.
  • The books are an emotional rollercoaster, and so was this movie. I empathized with the characters so much more than in Twilight; the movie.
  • Alice's clothes were amazing!!!!!!
  • Loved the humor (wolfpack, Charlie)
  • Loved the Volturi
  • Wished the trailers had not shown the two climactic scenes. They would've been even more amazing if we had not seen them a billion times.
  • Best shirt I saw said, "Team Edward except when Jacob is shirtless"!!!!!!!!

Final word: Movie was better than the book!

Go see it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Heroes- Girl Power

A bit of a personal blog this week, that is, if I have any readers left! Everyday I look around at those around me. I have always felt that we are all on our own little islands doing the best we can. One of the things that I strive to do is to open up bridges from one island to another. Relationships, right? Whether it be parenting, health, education, marriage, mundane tasks it is important to know that we are not alone on an island. We are all going through the same things and being here for one another is key!
A few of my friends have stood out to me as true heroes! I hope I do not embarrass anyone, but I wanted to share what great women I have around me that continue to inspire me daily! I encourage you to look around and find your everyday heroes, then tell them just what they mean to you...

#1- My first hero is a mother of three. She is amazing at everything she does! About 5 years ago her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was not until 2 years ago that they found out it was cancerous. He, of course, is a hero! But his wife, lives everyday with the unknown of her future and her children's. She continues to be an example of pure strength. First he had to change careers due to seizures. That resulted in a moving to a new state. Then the diagnosis that nobody wanted to hear. We never know how we would react in situations like this, but she has handled this long term crisis with pure grace! They both have endured so well that I wonder if we take for granted his illness. I hope that they know that we continue to pray for them each and every day!

#2 & #3- Two of my friends completed a full marathon yesterday! It was such a thrill for me to be at the finish line with them. I've watched them train and prepare. The example that they've shown me is when you put your mind to something, anything is possible! Wow!

#4- Another mother of three, who is a great friend of mine, has supported her husband and family twice while her husband was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Seeing her first hand everyday, as a single mom, made me realize that even the little things that our companions do are meaningful in our lives. I would see her power wash the house and maintain cars and self train in his job to keep the business running. She would do all this while looking and acting with pure beauty, while inside worrying every minute about the love of her life. Right before his second deployment she gave birth to a precious angel that helped the entire family have hope. Now her sweet husband is home and there is a twinkle in her eye!
Each of these women have been a huge example to me in their own way. It makes me wonder how I can be an example to others!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A must for your Wish List!!!

Last Saturday we went to some friends house for a very expensive dinner party! It was expensive because they had something that I really, really wanted! I mean...really wanted! They had a Irobot Roomba! I had heard of them, but when I saw it in action....well....WOW!

Since I have been working lately, I knew I could benefit from it now. So we went here and used a coupon. Trust me, it is pricey but it! Picture this:

  • your house getting vaccuumed as you do dishes.
  • your house getting vaccuumed while you are not even home!
  • your house getting vaccuumed while you are taking a NAP!!

The best thing about it is that it WORKS! I sweep my floor every single day. Yesterday morning before we bought it I vaccuumed and mopped my entire first floor. After we got our roomba we had it do it's thing. When we emptied the canister tons of particles came out!! It works on carpet and hard floors! And when it gets tired it finds it's home and goes right back! Amazing!

Every household NEEDS one!