Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Friday

I planted this lilac three years ago. Each year it has barely bloomed both in the Spring and in November, which is unheard of. I am happy to say that this year it has many robust blooms. It makes me so happy and the smell is like no other! Plant one today!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday To You

To My Precious Little One~
The last ten years have fluttered by in the blink of an eye. I can hardly look at pictures of you without getting a lump in my throat. I miss your chubby cheeks. I miss your "birdie" hair. I miss your giggles. I miss being able to dress you in frou-frou dresses.
But time does pass and a wonderful young lady you have become. I knew the moment I met you that you would teach me valuable lessons. You sure have!
As you've grown your personality has blossomed. Many things have come easy for you, but you embrace them all!
And each year you develop more and more talents. Someday we will either see you on Saturday Night Live or on a Broadway stage. I can't wait!
You continue to inspire me in so many ways! I love you!
Happy 10th birthday!

reacquainted with a first love

I am so excited that on May 2nd I will reunite with my very first love! Simon LeBon was the first thing that made my heart go pitter pat for the very first time! Duran Duran will be coming to a great, little venue here in Northern California. I was sure to get my tickets within the first ten minutes they were on sale. I will be taking my forever and ever love which will be kinda weird, but fun! Hubby actually likes Duran Duran music too, so as long he doesn't mind my starry eyes we will all be good!
This is right after I helped my daughter wallpaper her closet with Jonas Brothers posters, which completely took me back to when I wallpapered my entire room with D2 posters.
Who was your teenage heart~throb?

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Baby Time!

No! Not baby time for me!
But I am helping to throw a baby shower. My clever friend and I came up with this fun idea. Since this is the mother's third baby and she does not need clothes, we decided to assign out a "time" for the guest to buy for. The "time" theme ran away with us and here are the adorable clock invitations with the "time" set individually on each one. Thanks to our very, very talented friend for making the clock. So, so, so cute!
If you would like to use this fun idea, the "times" are : mommy time, play time, on-the-go time, nap time, daddy time, meal time, bath time, bed time, story time, church time, potty time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Friday- Happy Easter!

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend!
Below is a picture of my "flower bed". I can't wait for the pink peonies to bloom!

Lastly, D has gained freedom by hopping on his bike and taking off! Woohoo!

Thank you, blogging friends, for adding sparkle to my day!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Monday

dreaming of Monet's garden today!
(always take the date stamp off, YUCK!)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fabulous Friday Finds

For me, There is nothing like going to a flea market, hunting for the most alluring treasure. It can be big (like a piece of furniture) or small (like some vintage ribbon), either way it fills me with giddiness!
Sadly, my flea market days are few and far between. But today I wandered into Marshall's and found some treasures that made me feel like I had just been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market! Check these out!

The little poppy colored bench is tattered, but was on clearance for $20. It will look adorable on my patio. The pink wire dress form made me squeal when I saw it. I have had my eye on one from Ballard for a long time. This one was $24.99 and it is perfect for a niche in my bathroom. Lastly, the little pink iron tea pot is a candle holder but I love it just the way it is. I also envision putting a jar in it with flowers. These are some pretty fabulous Friday finds!

Jupiter already has made the bench one of his favorite "peeking in" spots.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Welcome to a garden tea party!

The centerpiece is ready!

The favors are ready!

the favors had girlie things in them like a butterfly necklace, seed packet, bunny gel pens. Peter Rabbit chocolate

~mostly all from the $1 section at Target

The food is ready!

in trying to please the four year olds the menu was PB&J sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, Pirate Booty, grapes, strawberries, and lemonade (instead of tea)

The dessert is ready!
classic dirt cups made with chocolate pudding and crushed Oreo's. I lined the pots with Glad Press N' Seal. It wouldn't be complete without gummy worms and a daisy.

The garden is ready!
Of course, not much is in bloom yet. I put hats out to block the sun from their eyes.
~ Chit chatting like a few old ladies~

They even decided to get their feet wet!

Hope these little girls had as much fun as I did!

What's in your Easter basket?

This is my favorite Easter candy...cannot resist!I love the pastel hues of this candy too, so you know me with my displays!
I just had to put some in a jar and call it a day.
It is easier to resist since looking at them brings me almost as much satisfaction as eating them...I did say almost!

Is there any Easter candy that you can't resist?

jellybeans? Cadbury eggs? Peeps?

Monday, March 10, 2008

We'll Be..."In The Garden"

We live in a wonderful place with many wonderful people, some of which are a few little four year old girls I know.
One of them asked me, "Jen, can I come to your house for tea?"
That was all I needed to plan a garden tea party for three of these sweet little girls.
And you all will be invited too!

Friday, March 7, 2008

BEWARE: Spoiler Ahead!

For those of you who watch Project Runway, were you happy with the finale???
I want to hear about it.
Sadly, my favorite did not win!
Who was my favorite you ask?Who was your favorite?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Hooray! Horray! The mail is here!"

Many of you know of the talented Natasha Burns
If you have not discovered her exquisite talent, read on! I have drooled over many of her creations for quite some time and when she showed two glitter paintings of my very favorite things I could resist no longer.

Even though she lives in Australia and I am in California her parcel arrived in less than five days! And look how beautiful it came. This chic gal knows it is all in the details!

She also included some adorable "extras". I am so lucky, thank you Natasha!

Can you believe these gorgeous handpainted canvases? The antique silver glitter is so gorgeous and I am so happy with my new purchase. I cannot even decide where to display them, somewhere where I can look at them daily!

dining alfresco

Disclaimer:I'm truly NOT trying to rub in our nice weather to those of you who are still suffering with Winter, or those of you just beginning fall Down Under.
After spending all day on Saturday cleaning up the backyard, we couldn't help but fire up the barbecue and the fire pit.
What's on the menu?
New York Steak
au gratin potatoes
homemade bread
corn on the cob...

...and of course, S'mores!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

In My Dreams

I found this wonderful website yesterday and literally dreamt about what I could do with that fabric on the far left. I keep dreaming about it on my walls! We will see...
...Just for fun, look at this wonderful fabric on the left! Too bad E's room is now done, I really am feeling inspiration for that whimsical fabric. Hmmm, where can I work it into ?
The website is called Paris Bebe Fabrics and they are the most inspiring group of fabrics I have seen since the beginning of Shabby Chic. Check it out!