Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Hooray! Horray! The mail is here!"

Many of you know of the talented Natasha Burns
If you have not discovered her exquisite talent, read on! I have drooled over many of her creations for quite some time and when she showed two glitter paintings of my very favorite things I could resist no longer.

Even though she lives in Australia and I am in California her parcel arrived in less than five days! And look how beautiful it came. This chic gal knows it is all in the details!

She also included some adorable "extras". I am so lucky, thank you Natasha!

Can you believe these gorgeous handpainted canvases? The antique silver glitter is so gorgeous and I am so happy with my new purchase. I cannot even decide where to display them, somewhere where I can look at them daily!


lynne said...

where are you going to put those? they are fabulous!!!

Natasha Burns said...

So glad you liked your package Jen!!! You're so sweet!!

Jan said...

Lucky. They are so beautiful. My daughter would absolutely be going crazy with desire for those. They are beautiful Natasha. Your a happy girl today Jen. Thanks for sharing.

Carissa said...

The packaging is so pretty. I love getting mail, like presents appearing magically. I love the prints too, they're perfect for your house.

Merci-Notes said...

Oh! I love Natasha's work!!!!
You are sooo lucky!
They are beautful! I hope you can show us where you decide to place them :)
thank You for the sun!!! It has arrived! OH thank you!
With Kindness,

paige said...

oops...i think blogger kicked me out...
i love the canvases...so fun!

thank you so much for leaving tender blessings for my mil