Tuesday, March 4, 2008

dining alfresco

Disclaimer:I'm truly NOT trying to rub in our nice weather to those of you who are still suffering with Winter, or those of you just beginning fall Down Under.
After spending all day on Saturday cleaning up the backyard, we couldn't help but fire up the barbecue and the fire pit.
What's on the menu?
New York Steak
au gratin potatoes
homemade bread
corn on the cob...

...and of course, S'mores!


Hatch Family said...

looks fun!


Hi ! I just found your blog while i was hopping along to a few new ones! I love your BBQ, it looks and sound just YUMMY.
I am in Australia and yep we have hit Autumn now and everything is going to turn brown and icky soon
:( It must be nice for you guys to be almost over winter and heading into Spring! I love Spring!

Great blog, i'll be adding you to my favs, and off now to catch up on your posts.

Shannon xo

p.S im having a giveaway if you'd like to pop by and enter!

Tammy said...

Call me!!! I'll bring the marshmellows!!!