Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Baby Time!

No! Not baby time for me!
But I am helping to throw a baby shower. My clever friend and I came up with this fun idea. Since this is the mother's third baby and she does not need clothes, we decided to assign out a "time" for the guest to buy for. The "time" theme ran away with us and here are the adorable clock invitations with the "time" set individually on each one. Thanks to our very, very talented friend for making the clock. So, so, so cute!
If you would like to use this fun idea, the "times" are : mommy time, play time, on-the-go time, nap time, daddy time, meal time, bath time, bed time, story time, church time, potty time.


Jan said...

Love love it. You guys are so talented. I just think that is so clever. You've got the best friends ever. I checked out the sugar site and was very impressed. Thanks for the ideas and I am looking for the next shower girl for sure. Take care.

melissa said...

What a brilliant idea ! I love it!

Natasha Burns said...

now this IS clever!!! love that idea and it looks wonderful!

tammy said...

Too cute!!!!

Elle Jay Bee said...

What a gorgeous blog you have here...and oodles of talent, I might add...!!