Sunday, January 19, 2014

Closet Redo On a Budget

Down sizing from a 3,400 sq ft home to a 1,700 sq ft one has many challenges! When I saw the house, this closet under the stairs excited me and I had so many ideas of how I could use it. However, when we moved in it became the "catch all" storing suitcases, cleaning supplies, BAGS, and any over sized item that couldn't fit anywhere else. This weekend was the time to make a system and organize!

I only spent $29.99 at Costco for the shelving unit. 
Here is what I did!
  • Extended the pull light with a ribbon, I could never reach it before. 
  • Emptied the closet and sorted by kitchen items, recipe boxes, cleaning supplies, and extras.
  • Recycled 3/4 of the bags. I will never use them all!
  • Put the shelving unit together. Super easy.
  • Decided how the shelves would be used most efficiently.
  • Put the over sized items in first (bread machine, Easter bunny- before you buy cutsie stuff, think of how you'll store it-, drink dispenser, punch bowls).
  • Organize cleaning supplies.
  • Cookie Sheets are stored in a file cubby unit turned on it's side.
  • Place all items in with room for more.
  • Use vertical space.
  • Hang broom, mop, Swiffer, etc on wall.
Do you have a closet that needs tackling? 
Comment or message me and I can help you make a plan!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday Faves ~ 1.17.14

  1. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell. Lot of a-ha moments!
  2. Sticky Bumps scented candle. Although this was a Christmas gift for hubby, from me, I really love it and end up lighting it when he is not around. He surfed all throughout his teens and is loving reconnecting with it again.
  3. Hermosa Beach. This past week you probably heard about California's amazingly warm weather. We went to the beach, after school, twice this week. I feel so lucky to live here!
  4. Kale Chips. I am a little late to the game on this one. But every day after school my son asked for these! I spray them with coconut oil, sprinkle them with red wine vinegar and sea salt. Bake on 350 for 20-30 min. AMAZING!
  5. Fresh flowers on my desk. I am working a lot now and I am proud to have my own desk. Hubby had an even this week and brought home a centerpiece. From now on I strive to always have fresh flowers at my desk!
Thanks for reading! 
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Kid and His Camera

Today was one of those days where I said many prayers of gratitude for living in such a beautiful place.
 Dayton, 12, wanted to go to the beach after school. 
This is what he did.

~Not bad for an hour of after-school fun~

Dayton Bottom ~ Go Pro Hero Black 3+
Hermosa Beach, CA

Dayton Bottom ~ Go Pro Hero Black 3+
Hermosa Beach, CA

Dayton Bottom ~ Go Pro Hero Black 3+
Hermosa Beach, CA

Monday, January 13, 2014

Personal Development for 2014

I am working to better myself this year and I am committing to read at least one personal development book each month! Here is my list. Let me know your thoughts on any of these book! Any I should add?

January- The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell

February- Go Pro by Eric Worre

March- Failing Forward by John C Maxwell

April- Eat That Frog! By Brian Tracy

May- Push by Chalene Johnson

June- The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

July- Leadership and Self-Discipline by the Arbinger Institute

August- Everyone Communicates But Few Connect by John C Maxwell

September- Influencer, The new Science of Leading Change by Joseph Grenny

October- How to Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

November- Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey

December- No Excuses! The power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy

Saturday, January 11, 2014

You are invited to Cancun with Me!

I am SO excited! I am booking a trip today! You guys know that my family and I travel quite a bit (we are blessed to have those opportunities through hubby's job) BUT THIS trip will be different!

WHY? Because it is going to mean SO MUCH more to me because it will be FREE! I am earning my all paid trip to CANCUN by doing what I love, which is helping people get healthy and happy. I told you my job IS THE BEST! This is just one of the many things I LOVE about Beachbody...I get rewarded for ENDING THE TREND OF OBESITY!

Of course, Mark will be there with me, along with a lot of my friends! The best part is...ANYONE can get in on this action and starting now will:
- Make you GOOD MONEY
- CHANGE your life because you are helping people everyday to achieve SUCCESS! (that is WHY I am SO HAPPY all the time!)

I am starting a new "What is Coaching" Bootcamp on Feb 2nd if you are interested in REWARDING your ACHIEVEMENTS and going to CANCUN with me in APRIL, 2015! Message me and we will chat!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Faves ~ 1.10.14

I get no kick-backs from any of these products. Well, the last one I get kisses!
It is Friday again and here is another list of some favorite things of my week! Be sure to share YOUR favorites in the comments below!
  1. Penzey's Spices-  These are new to me. A sweet friend gave me a four-pack for Christmas. It was such a thoughtful gift as I am still building our spice collection back up after moving back to the US. might think "spices are spices". TIS NOT SO, my friends! You can taste the difference with these spices! I have used them every. single. day. this week. She gave me fresh ground pepper, mural of flavors, garlic powder, and fresh ground cinnamon. And each comes with a card with suggestions. Oh my word! The cinnamon is sweet and spicy and tastes so much better! LOVE THESE and I happen to live near a store, which is rare thing I have learned. Yay! Find them online here. YOU WILL NOT be disappointed!
  2. Peter and the Star Catcher- My daughter, a sophomore, needed to go see a live production during winter break for her drama class. We are lucky to live in LA and those are not hard to find. Again, I had never heard of this show, despite it's success at the Tony's (probably while we in Beijing). I had no expectations whatsoever. She and I went to see it at the Ahmanson Theater in LA. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I did learn ahead of time two things: it is a prequel to Peter Pan and that it is not a musical. Both of these things made me a little skeptical. All of that FLEW (pixie dust I am sure) right out of the window once it began. The entire show was entertaining, funny, CLEAN and so so so very creative! I have seen quite a few Broadway shows and this is in my top 3! GO SEE IT!
  3. dōTERRA Deep Blue Rub- Yep, I've got quite a few friends that sell it. Nope, not getting anything from posting this. This stuff is pricier than Icy Hot, for sure, but this week I have been using it daily (first week of P90X 3). The aroma is not as pungent as the drug store versions, it is ALL NATURAL and works so darn good! I will ALWAYS have this on hand.
  4. Jupiter- Of course, he should be on my faves every week, but this week in particular. First, the twelve year old boy has been sick and Jupiter acted differently. He laid right on top of D as if to protect him and comfort him, absolutely amazes me. But then Jupi got an eye infection, darn fur around his eyes. We all love up on him even more when he is suffering. Speaking of...this dog has still had 1 or 2 fleas every single day since we've moved here! I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING, yes everything that I can find (foggers, meds, powder for food, sequestering inside, oils...). I, literally, am obsessed about picking through his fur hourly. The fleas are not in our furniture and we don't have any carpet or bites ourselves, but it is so annoying. Any suggestions will land YOU on a future Friday Faves!
Agree? Disagree? Suggestions? Helpful?
Be sure to comment below!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Organizing a Home Office

Welcome to my boudior! ;)
 Check out this video of how I work at home and GET IT DONE!
Want more info, just ask!

Thanks for watching!