Sunday, January 19, 2014

Closet Redo On a Budget

Down sizing from a 3,400 sq ft home to a 1,700 sq ft one has many challenges! When I saw the house, this closet under the stairs excited me and I had so many ideas of how I could use it. However, when we moved in it became the "catch all" storing suitcases, cleaning supplies, BAGS, and any over sized item that couldn't fit anywhere else. This weekend was the time to make a system and organize!

I only spent $29.99 at Costco for the shelving unit. 
Here is what I did!
  • Extended the pull light with a ribbon, I could never reach it before. 
  • Emptied the closet and sorted by kitchen items, recipe boxes, cleaning supplies, and extras.
  • Recycled 3/4 of the bags. I will never use them all!
  • Put the shelving unit together. Super easy.
  • Decided how the shelves would be used most efficiently.
  • Put the over sized items in first (bread machine, Easter bunny- before you buy cutsie stuff, think of how you'll store it-, drink dispenser, punch bowls).
  • Organize cleaning supplies.
  • Cookie Sheets are stored in a file cubby unit turned on it's side.
  • Place all items in with room for more.
  • Use vertical space.
  • Hang broom, mop, Swiffer, etc on wall.
Do you have a closet that needs tackling? 
Comment or message me and I can help you make a plan!

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denise l said...

I love it when things are organized--it makes it so much easier. I did my garage about a month ago with shelving and labeled boxes with items for all the tennis tournaments I run. Love the idea of the cookie sheets on their sides--much easier to get just the right one!!