Wednesday, March 26, 2008

reacquainted with a first love

I am so excited that on May 2nd I will reunite with my very first love! Simon LeBon was the first thing that made my heart go pitter pat for the very first time! Duran Duran will be coming to a great, little venue here in Northern California. I was sure to get my tickets within the first ten minutes they were on sale. I will be taking my forever and ever love which will be kinda weird, but fun! Hubby actually likes Duran Duran music too, so as long he doesn't mind my starry eyes we will all be good!
This is right after I helped my daughter wallpaper her closet with Jonas Brothers posters, which completely took me back to when I wallpapered my entire room with D2 posters.
Who was your teenage heart~throb?


Jan said...

This will show my age but it was David Cassidy and Shaun, Donny Osmond to name a few. Its funny how we still remember them as if they were still young. So ironic that your helping your daughter with the Jonas Brothers. She will be posting in the future as she is getting ready to go out with her husband to a reuniting of the Jonas Brothers and ask the world what their teenage heartthrob was. Have fun in the best of both worlds (Hubby and Teenage throb).

tammy said...

I've got my tickets too!!!! Now I jsut have to find my girls to find out who wants to go with me!!!! See you there!!!

Lisa & Alfie said...

Thanks for dropping by. I love Duran, Duran but unfortunately, I was enjoying them in my 20's and that is all I am disclosing. Steve Perry would be in the teens. I hope to see you at the new location in Pacifica but stop by in SF if you have a chance!
I'll be back,
Lisa & Alfie