Sunday, November 1, 2009

A must for your Wish List!!!

Last Saturday we went to some friends house for a very expensive dinner party! It was expensive because they had something that I really, really wanted! I mean...really wanted! They had a Irobot Roomba! I had heard of them, but when I saw it in action....well....WOW!

Since I have been working lately, I knew I could benefit from it now. So we went here and used a coupon. Trust me, it is pricey but it! Picture this:

  • your house getting vaccuumed as you do dishes.
  • your house getting vaccuumed while you are not even home!
  • your house getting vaccuumed while you are taking a NAP!!

The best thing about it is that it WORKS! I sweep my floor every single day. Yesterday morning before we bought it I vaccuumed and mopped my entire first floor. After we got our roomba we had it do it's thing. When we emptied the canister tons of particles came out!! It works on carpet and hard floors! And when it gets tired it finds it's home and goes right back! Amazing!

Every household NEEDS one!

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