Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Budget Friendly" Tip #1

I think it is fair to say that we are all looking at ways to cut back and spend less. A couple of personal a-ha's I've had while keeping a budget are 1. I like to show people I care and I usually spend money to do that (small gifts, flowers, etc.) 2. I love to shop! Whether it be groceries or for the house it makes me feel like I am working toward a goal of running my household/life better when I get something new.

A challenge has been to find ways to not spend money, but still fulfill myself through simple pleasures. One of these simple pleasures is baking. Two great blogs are so inpiring! Check out Bakerella and Bake It Pretty, you will not be sorry!

So here are some yummies that I made up with things I already had in the pantry...FREE!
A friend gave me fresh lemons!

So, of course I made lemon bars!

I still was not done, so I always have the ingredients for peanut butter cookies!

What good is a cookie without chocolate?
After baking and cooled, melt chocolate chips and dip half of cookie.

Let chocolate harden on wax paper.

For less chocolate (why?) sprinkle instead of dip.

Packed up and ready to give away! See budget a-ha #1 above.The family would never forgive me if I let them all go!


Leslie said...

I am a gift giver too - I love to think about others when I'm out at the store. :)

Where did you get those cute boxes? I love them.

Rachael Hutchings said...

I think handmade gifts are some of the best! I'm dying to try doing a handmade Christmas one of these years if I could get Mr. Fuji to go for it. How fun would it be to put the time into making everyone's gifts? It would be so much more meaningful!

Jan said...

You are rockin my world in here. Love it. And I love your containers and your darling canisters. Oh, I noticed them. :)

Unknown said...

Leslie- the boxes were on clearance at Michael's in the Martha section. I always bulk up with my 40% off coupons. :) It's all in the packaging!

Jennefer said...

Makes me crave peanut butter cookies... I think I'll bring some to church on Sunday!

Poetry of Life said...

Looks so yummy but pretty too! You always know how to do both!

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Yum! Send some over here!! I'm hungry now!

Unknown said...

those lemon bars were AWESOME!!!

and thanks for watching my kids today. so sorry that i left 2 out of 3 in tears... not my best mother moment! :)

and i finished austenland... SO funny!

liz said...

how do i get on your yummy gift list?? ; )

Hatch Family said...

your cookies look yummy!


p.s. (yes, p.s. ;)) thanks for the birthday lunch!

tammy said...

It's the simple things that matter

blueladybug said...

You are making me crave something with peanut butter and chocolate!

The family trunk said...

I am Matties BFF!! I want to become friends with you.
Bye 4 now!♥☺♪☼♫§
P.s. I love your blog!!!!!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love your blog and your cookies look delish too! I found your blog while surfing the net, so to speak.
I'll be back.