Friday, August 20, 2010

I just wouldn't listen!

A few years back when we were in the market for a garage freezer friends told me, "don't get a chest is too hard to see what you have!"
And I just wouldn't listen!!!
So after a couple of years of digging, guessing and more digging I came up with a plan!
Above the freezer, out in the garage, I hung a whiteboard. I did inventory. Whenever I move something to the inside freezer, or cook it, I erase it from the board.

Some items (like frozen pizza) I even put a count buy it, when we use it I can just change the number. It is magnetized so I hung a paper for a shopping list. I then got a little OCD and used different colors for different categories; breakfast is orange, purple is pasta and bread and snacks, blue is meat.

Happy Organizing!

1 comment:

lynne said...

Jen, your organizational skills never cease to amaze me! your lucky family!