Thursday, October 21, 2010

My new favorite kitchen gadget! Lid Lifters

It started out of necessity.
You see I've always just picked up my can openers, used them and thrown them out and bought new ones. This happened far too frequently for my taste, partly due to the fact that someone puts them in the dishwasher all the time and they get rusty.

So I got a gift card for my birthday and I was determined to splurge on a can opener. My rust, easy to turn...that is about it. Well when it comes to can openers they are all metal so the rust factor was a huge issue...

Until I entered the world of LID LIFTERS!

Why a lid lifter? They do not cut your can, they unhinge the lid. This way there are no sharp edges AND guess what? It doesn't even get near the food so there is no washing needed...hence no rust!
Okay, another cool thing is that the way it removes the lid you can put the lid back on too. Bonus!
The one above that I bought is by Kuhn Rikon.
(you don't have to get a whale one).
Do not fret about the price though because I got mine here for $6.99! The same I would spend for "the can opener".
If you have the same can opener dilemma in your house, I strongly urge you to check out lid lifters!


Unknown said...

This looks and sounds so cool! Have a sweet day!

offtoworkigo said...

We've been using these "safe" can openers for about a decade. Our second one recently broke, and I had to use the regular can opener for a day or two. Wasn't happy. I love these kind of can openers! The only time I have trouble is if I have to drain something, like veggies or tuna...the lid won't go inside the can. Which makes my discovery of the "can colander" so much sweeter (how did I live without these two items)? I have Pampered Chef, I've seen them for about $3 at Save Mart, and here's a visual so you know what you're looking for: