Monday, December 6, 2010

Dipped Caramel and Chocolate Marshmallows

It was time for the annual cookie exchange! While visiting Disneyland
over Thanksgiving I found a little piece of heaven. Chocolate Caramel Dipped Marshmallows! I knew I had my treat for the cookie exchange!

  1. Sticks found at Michael's.
  2. Dip sticks ends in light corn syrup, put on marshmallow.
  3. Unwrap caramels (this took me 90 minutes!). I totally recommend buying the caramel balls in the bag.

4. Using a double boiler (or a pot/glass bowl on top of pot of water) to melt caramels.
5. Be sure to spray top pot with PAM before beginning.
6. Add a little milk or butter for smooth caramel.

7. I recommend laying them on Silpats. I sprayed my wax paper with PAM and I still had problems lifting the caramel off. But they look so pretty!

8. Repeat process with chocolate (milk or dark).

9. I add a tiny bit of parafin wax (located in the canning section of the grocery store) to harden chocolate and add glossiness while dry.

10. Lay on wax paper to dry.

enjoy! they are so yummy!


Liz R. said...

i could have eaten 20 of them! you won my vote by far! anna asked me what they tasted like and i said "broccoli" she was no longer interested in them. phew!

carolyn said...

ooo, those look very yummy.