Sunday, November 4, 2012

This Week (10 days) In Pictures

They were dredging this nasty stuff out of a manhole in front of our apartment!
No wonder our bathroom smells so bad!

Another "Rental Car Saturday".
 E was off on her last volleyball tournament near Shenzen.
Jupiter takes her place in the back seat.
Below is a series of signs we took on our mini road trip. 
Here in China these road signs are hilarious. 
The pictures are only half the fun.
Don't Drink and Drive

No Littering

Don't Exceed The Statutory Load

Don't Drive When Tired

Don't Drive When Tired
 Hubby planned out a place to take us. Unfortunately, like many things in China, planning does not always guarantee success. We never made it to where he intended but had an adventure anyway.
A small Chinese village.

In the village our car began making weird noises.
How would we tell the rental car place (who only speaks Chinese) where we were?
We didn't even know where we were! We were lost.
 Luckily the noise took care of itself. Best kinds of problems!

Corn kernels in the middle of the road, protected by a barrier of corn husks.


Autumn colors in China
 Back in the city we decided to take advantage of our rental car and run some errands.
A cool thing, especially for D, about living in a city is all the interesting architecture. We have nicknamed this building, in Wangjing, the thumb tack building.
Those dots look identical to thumb tacks. 

Need house plants? Talk to the lady on the bike.

Jupiter enjoying the outing.

The rainbow on Jiangoumenwei all lit up.

While picking E up from the airport from Shenzen we encountered these interesting pieces of art, in the airport parking garage of all places.

Another interesting building near Chaoyang Park.

Watching the non-existent Hawaii Tsunami on CNN International.

Hubby took a little jaunt up to the wall with Jupiter.

World Champs!

On Sunday, Nov 4 we woke up for church to snow!
A whole two months earlier than last year.
Sadly our heat does not come on until Nov 15!

Wet, wet snow going to church!

Even with a back injury I still managed to see and do many things. I hope you are enjoying all the pictures!

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Liz R. said...

doesn't that lady's bike full of house plants exceed the statutory load??? love the pics!