Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mental~ Emotional ~ Cognitive Health and our Physical Health

Zig Ziglar

How do you keep yourself emotionally, mentally and cognitively engaged?
For me, this was HUGE to my physical transformation. I learned that whenever I felt down, verbally attacked, bad about myself I searched for food to comfort me. As a matter of fact it happened yesterday! Hubby and I got into a disagreement and all goals flew out of my head and wanted FAST FOOD FAST! But, knowing that about myself, I stayed strong...I redirected my uncomfortable feelings by crossing things off my to do list! I got engaged in progress and I felt better. By late last night when I saw hubby I had completely forgotten about our "tiff" and I hadn't gone down a path to lead me to more negative feelings! 
I don't always have success like that, but the key is to learn about ourselves so we CAN see progress in changing those mental and emotional obstacles.

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Unknown said...

Hi Jen! This might seem funny but I have been reading your blogs over the past few days as if they were on top of the New York Best Seller's list. I can't believe I didn't start before (really wish I had) it might have saved me and more importantly Amy a lot of unnecessary heartache. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for putting it all out there and being all about the truth. I admire your spirit and your heart. I'm a ways behind you on your journey and maybe even on a different path but I'm following your lead. Thanks again Jen, I sincerely appreciate you! John Woodall