Monday, November 12, 2007

Stress Free Monday

There are a few places in my home that help me to feel a little more stress free. I take them for granted, but without them I think I could go a little nuts. They are places in my home that got on my nerves and over the course of time I have found solutions. Hopefully it will inspire you to take a trouble spot and turn it into a functional spot.

This is my laundry room where we usually enter the house. I hated seeing clutter as I enter. Thanks to Target I was able to find some function. The reason the shoe cubby is mounted is because we have a puppy that cannot reach the shoes that high (hence the pupply pads). On the opposite wall are hooks that are kid height so the kids can hang their backpacks and coats.

Another kids spot, their bathroom. Copied PBkids and painted my own pegboard in their favorite colors. Now they have a place to hang towels, robes, hair accessories and combs. Easy and very inexpensive!

I have tons of children's books. I wish I had a before picture of what a mess this bookshelf was. When the books are a mess they do not want to grab one in fear they will all tumble down. So I went around my house and gathered random baskets that were not put to good use and sorted. Now they love to pull a basket out like a drawer and pick out their favorite. My favorite part was this was free!

I saved my favorite for last! This great find from Target solved our paper mess on the kitchen counter. Each person in our family has a mailbox. Mail, papers, schoolwork, even small toys are stuck in there. The trick is to clean it out every once in a while so things do not get lost. Even though the bottom one is a mess (my 6 year old sons) I can deal with that much more than messy counters. I found these little sticky plates to label our family home evening assignments. I just rotate the paper inside once a week.

I love to organize! Send me some of your favorite organizational ideas!


Tammy said...

I dream of organization...someday perhaps the organization fairy will show...aka Lora hatch!!!! Hee hee, but i love what you did!!! You have such wonderful taste i am jealous!!!!

Carissa said...


Love all your organization stuff! How clever to mount your shoe rack out of puppies reach.

melissa said...

Way to organize! I like how you mounted the shoe cubbies.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

ooh!! wow!! your house looks great!!!!

lynne said...

those look so good! i especially love your laundry room. so clean and orderly!

Lizzie said...

I love it!!!!! You are soooooooooo creative!!!!!!!