Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So NOT on a budget

So I am hosting a little neighborhood breakfast tomorrow. Everyone will be bringing goodies but I am to provide the beverage. I am driven by vision and I had a vision of sparkling juice bottles chilling in ice. So off to Cost Plus World Market I go!

You've heard me rant and rave about living on a budget and I totally threw that out the window today! I bought sparkling water for $1.54 MORE JUST FOR THE CUTE LABELS! Ugh!

$2.49 a bottle

$3.99 a bottle

Have you ever done this? Have you bought something more expensive just because of the look? If so, I want to hear about it!!!! I lost all common sense because I am such a sucker for a French label (good thing I don't drink wine!)


Natasha Burns said...

LOL about the wine!
Depends where I am.... If i am out and about having lunch with friends, i get the drink and pay a few dollars or more, but at the supermarket, i refuse to pay that and buy the no-name brand. i like it :)

Leslie said...

Those are soo cute!! How did the breakfast turn out?

Silcox Stories said...

I can't think of a particular time when I did it, but rest easy my friend I'm sure I have on more than 1 occassion. Sorry I missed the first gathering, life just snuck up on me and sucked the life out of me this past week. I am in for the next one though that's fo sure! Oh and it wasn't a complete budget oversight, think of all the things you could do with the empty bottles.

Carissa said...

Presentation is everything is my motto. I usually go for whatever looks best, money be darned (at least I did when we had plenty of money). The bottles you bought really were the nicer of the two choices.