Monday, December 21, 2009

"when the cats are away..."

"...the mouse will play!"
the cats:
while they were doing this:

I was eating this:

and browsing this:

Penny Long in Corona Del Mar
and looking for future real estate:

All of these houses are just two blocks away from the beach in Corona Del Mar. My beach wishlist would include cottage style, picket fence, front porch, room for a charming garden!


Tammy said...

i'd be with you!!!

Jennefer said...

I can't ever look at Sprinkles cupcakes the same again because of Lynne! She made some cupcakes and decorated them like the one in your picture and Steve looked at them and said they look like a breast! So from now on that's all I see! I'm sure it was delicious though!

lynne said...

hee hee - sorry jennefer :)!

those houses are amazing. i esp. love the bottom one. if you move there we'll come be your neighbors.