Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Laundry Day! Hooray!

When we moved into our new home our laundry room was plumbed for a sink but did not have one. Of course this was the FIRST thing we were going to do after we moved in...it's been SEVEN years!

I have the luxury of having a huge laundry room, but it has never functioned properly. I am the mom who folds all weeks worth of clean clothes in a three hour segment...NOT ANYMORE!

BEFORE- green walls, year old washer and dryer, had moved them from inside wall to window wall with the big plan in mind!


We had been to Lowe's and Home Depot time and time again to begin this project. We actually picked up the stainless sink months ago when we saw one at a great deal.

Sweet hubby gave me a level in my Christmas stocking that said cabinets, countertops and sink would all be functional by December 31st! Great present!

Of course I could not sleep while and I decided we would head to to IKEA! It was a one stop shop for us and resonable too! The cabinets are made so well and easy to put together. It all fit in our van and best of all...THERE WAS NO FIGHTING AMONGST US!!!!


  1. faucet- Edsvik

  2. countertops- Numerar in oak

  3. shelves- Grundtal

Along with the ample countertops for folding, these two things are a huge must and have changed my laundry system for good! It takes up space and doesn't look that great, but it is sooooo worth it. When I take a load out of the dryer I hang anything up. The clothes steamer (given to hubby by me for Christmas ;) heats up in seconds and I steam them as I hang them.

From start to finish it takes me less than 5 minutes to fold, hang and steam a load of laundry! I now do it everyday instead of once a week.

clothes steamer from Costco
Between the cabinets is a space for the Dustbuster and step stool.

This once was Jupiter's room. He still has his essentials (food, treats, toys and bed)
Along with my Roomba, the Wagner 905 steamer is my new best friend. It has a perfect storage place under my new sink!

Since it was the laundry room I knew I could have some fun with textures. These stainless steel racks are designed for the kitchen, but I will have so much fun accessorizing them!

Thanks for taking my little tour! Bring a load on over!


Laura said...

That's awesome -when I begin our laundry room, your my girl!!

Mimi said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so jealous, it looks beautiful!!! One day I will have an actually laundry "room" :)

tammy said...

Looks wonderful!!! I remember awhile back you were telling me about it. What a cute way to announce its finish!!! Thanks for giving us a good look!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, the shelves look fab!!!!

(And I still can't get over how small jupiter's little dog food holder is!)

Jaymee said...

It is soooooo beautiful! I am doing my laundry room now, but it is only a quarter of the size of yours. Thank you for sharing!!!

Carissa said...

I love how it turned out. I am jealous of all that amazing counter space. I agree that a steamer is a laundry room staple, ironing is the worst.

sevenalstons said...

So gorgeous! I am completely motivated to update my laundry room now :)

Henley on the Horn said...

What I wouldn't do for a laundry room! I love it:) We have a laundry closet which can be challenging w/ a 7 member family!

Mister Steamy Dryer Balls said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the process of your laundry day including using steam-related products to get out wrinkles. Good post.