Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"My Fair Godmother" by Janette Rallison

If you want to giggle out loud, read this!
If I were to write a book this is the book it would be! Good, clean, fun! In my heart I think I am still a boy crazy teenager so it really spoke to me. The overall message is good. Totally appropriate and I can't wait for my daughter to read it so I can hear her laugh out loud.


Anita Cramer Wells said...

this was book was a winner, i agree! (but my teen didn't like all the romance :-)
(i'm carrie's sister, stumbled across your blog)

Jan said...

Our girls Jen..

Aren't we the luckiest :) someday they will meet and it will be something for sure..

Thanks for all you do and the example you gave your daughter.. you are awesome..

Take care,