Thursday, February 11, 2010

Laundry Room Offspring

You remember for Christmas my sweet hubby got me this. Since we had to cut the larger butcher bock to accomodate the window wall, we had extra. I came home one day and he had cut the scrap down into a square and routered the edges.
Now I have a custom made butcher block for my island!
I love it!!!!

Thank you so much Hubby!


sevenalstons said...

So nice!
I love, love, love your laundry room and have been inspired to re-do mine. I will have to show my husband both your laundry room and what your husband did with the leftover butcher block. Hopefully he'll be as inspired as I am!

Jennefer said...

That's exactly what we did when we got our butcher block. I think Carrie still has the one Lance made for her!

lynne said...

oh, that's beautiful!!

liz said...

Very good idea!