Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yosemite, CA

You know blogging life is bad when a friend writes on your Facebook wall to make a blog post! I don't mind gentle reminders since they tell me that people are actually still reading! So sorry I have been a blogging dud lately!
E and her 6th grade class took a fieldtrip to Yosemite a couple of weeks ago. She had so much fun! She really wanted to take us and show the family all that she learned. Grandma and Grandpa happen to be in town on their way to Idaho so they joined us too.
Since we are only 2 hours away, it made for a fabulous day trip! We are so lucky to have a gem so close by!
El Capitan

The temperature was about 70 degrees but they had just had a snowstorm the week before. Perfection!
On E's fieldtrip they had climbed the boulders to lower bridal falls. So we had to do it again. It was a lot of fun!

Not bad pictures for an iphone!
According to hubby we couldn't leave Jupiter behind! He really had a great time too!

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