Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Style on Target

I usually steer clear of Target, NOT because I don't love it! It's just really hard for me to stay on budget there...extra things just always seem to creep into my cart! Like these below! Aren't they great?

What I do love though is when I find something that I need AND it has great style, two in one! I fell in love with these cleaning and household supplies below.

But beware! Many times they will tempt us with new products by putting them at a special price (like these this week). Then just when the product becomes essential to our being they put them at a really high regular price. It's happened to me so many times!

I can totally see these on an open shelf in my laundry room!

By far Mrs. Meyer's is my favorite cleaning product! I was estatic to see them on the shelf at my local Target. However, they did not supply my favorite scent, Geranium.

Thanks Target buyers for keeping things fresh!


Silcox Stories said...

Geranium is my favorite too! Target is budget kill zone for me too : )

Jennefer said...

So did you buy the canisters?

Shannan Martin said...

Those canisters are too cute!!! And I have never tried those cleaning products. Probably because I never clean. (ha!)

offtoworkigo said...

Mmmmm....Mrs. Meyer's is the BEST! Totally love their stuff (I'm a lemon verbena fan). CANNOT wait until they announce their holiday scents for 2010. Hope gingerbread is back! Yum!

If you look near the dishes instead of the cleaning supplies, Target has been carrying Caldrea hand lotion, hand soap, and dish soap...all environmentally friendly and all in a cute little wire caddy (sold on Caldrea website for $35, but in Target for $20...http://www.caldrea.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductName=Sandalwood%20Riceflower%20Cloverleaf%20Sink%20Set%20-%20Stainless). You'd love this stuff. I'm guessing the Sweet Pea stuff would be your fave. (Caldrea is Mrs. Meyer's parent company...they make both.)