Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May I make a suggestion for your garden?

I am, by no means, a gardener!

However I do have a beginner's garden where I love to have color, especially color that I can clip and disperse throughout my house. Flowers make me happy! Especially flowers that I've grown.

If you are a beginner like me and want an easy shrub that produces gorgeous billows of heaven, then add some hydrangeas to your garden. I love their decorative lush leaves, but the array of colors (depending on the soil) is what makes these a favorite of mine. As a matter of fact my bridesmaids carried bouquets of periwinkle blue hydrangeas in my wedding 16 years ago.

When I say easy, I mean easy. Don't get me wrong, I adore roses! But somehow I cannot grow roses well enough to be pest free and durable enough to cut and distribute throughout my home. And, well, peonies are a fave too but I am only three years into that relationship and am only grossing about six blossoms a year so far. Patience.

But hydrangeas have not let me down! They grow tall and wide each spring. All I ever do is feed them, keep the snails away and cut them down to sticks in the fall. Every year I have enough to cut ample displays throughout my home AND keep lots of color in my garden...all....summer.....long. Last year I even had a few friends that I took jars of hydrangeas to all summer long. But this year I am keeping them to myself since I will miss their next few seasons. Try them, just don't put them in hot sun...they thrive in morning sun. Enjoy!

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