Monday, March 19, 2012

Goals- learning to crochet

There is something magical about taking a chunk of time (in our case, two years) out of your regular life and doing something completely different. I think part of the magic comes because there is a definite end, a finish line if you will. It makes it easy to begin thoughts with, "By the time we move home I would like to have..."

For the most part, mine were simple 
(and I purposely set the bar pretty low):
"By the time I move home I would like to be able to have a simple conversation in Mandarin." Working on this every single day!

"By the time I move home I would like to be able to cook a few Chinese dishes." Still looking for a weekly cooking class in English.

"By the time I move home I would like to have learned a new hobby like knitting or crocheting." Check! Now I just need to practice more!
This weekend I had the opportunity to learn some basic crochet stitches. I really loved it! I spent all weekend practicing until I ran out of yarn. This tiny hat (even too tiny for a baby) was one of my results. Do not give me credit for this...the only reason it turned into a hat was because I really struggled with a square or rectangle. So, going in circles makes a hat! Even if it is for a little leprechaun (fitting since it was St Patrick's day) it still was fun and I can't wait to get some more yarn and try some more! 

Hooray for goals!

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