Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Part 1- Yangshuo countryside

It's about time I post about our little jaunt to southern China! 
This will be a 3 part series (partly because I have so many pictures worth sharing, but mostly because my posts need to be organized or it drives me crazy!)

All of China, besides my children's school, has the first week of April off for "Spring Break/ Tomb Sweeping Day". Hubby decided to take the last few days off in March to coincide with the kids school break. There have only been a few places in China that I felt I HAD TO SEE and Yangshuo was first on that list. So off we went...
Now that our kids are older we really love bike riding on our family vacations. 
 This first post of my series will primarily focus on the scenery in Yangshuo...stay tuned for our adventures, exploitation and even another YouTube video!
We stayed out of town, among farmland.

This picture could be the subject for a charming painting.

Hubby and I on the banks of the YuLong River.

Water buffalo were abundant on the farms.

This woman carries her crops from field to wherever, all day, like this.

D got himself into a little pickle. On the narrow road the chairs were falling off the truck at the far left while the tour bus was passing. What you cannot see is that there is another tour bus behind the truck on the was full of Chinese people pointing and taking pictures of D maneuvering his bike on the incline.

Of course, the Karst Mountains are what attracts so many tourists here.  Even someone like me who was not well versed in Chinese geography had seen paintings and pictures of these mountains before. 

Biking through the country was, by far, a highlight of our time here. At one point D rode up alongside of me and said, "I have been happy every single minute of this trip so far!"

One of the rural villages along the river.

I couldn't help but think of my Nana while riding through this amazing area! Whenever we would see  fields like this she would say, "Look at the galutsi!" Now, I looked up "galutsi" in all forms of spelling on the internet and could not find anything I concur that galutsi means yellow weeds.

On our last day the sun shone brightly. This is the view we saw from our fabulous retreat each day (more on that next). Hubby even swam in the river that day.
Stay tuned for more from Yangshuo!

You won't want to miss out on our 
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