Saturday, April 21, 2012

My fave!

I remember a few months back a monumentous moment for me. I was seated in the back of a rickshaw with E and D and I thought, for the very first time, "This is something I will totally miss back home."

It is true! I love riding in these little carriages. And today is your lucky day because I am taking you with me on one of my rickshaw rides through the busy streets of Beijing! Fasten your seatbelt (haha) and put on your helmet (what is that?), sit back and enjoy the ride!

We have made friends with one of the drivers. She sits out in front of our building every single day. We always say hi to her and when we want to go to Sanlitun (too short for a taxi, too long to walk) she takes us for 20 yuan ($3.00USD). The other day she saw me walking back from the gym and she pulled over and took me home for free! It's good to have her as our friend!

Yep I should be scared, it is rather dangerous. But it is the quickest way to get around because they go in any lane, any direction and never stop in traffic! Safety is not a priority here in China!

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