Friday, April 6, 2012

Jin Shang GongYuan- Coal Hill- Beijing

Look at this brilliant sky!
Last Wednesday was a national holiday here in China, called QingMing Festival - Tomb Sweeping Day. Hubby and the kids both had the day off so we ventured out to Jin Shang GongYuan (Coal Hill). This is located right behind the Forbidden City and the hill was manmade from the dirt that was dug from the mote surrounding the Forbidden City. It is called Coal Hill because it was rumored that the Emperor stored coal inside the hill.
Entering the park
The cost to enter the park is 2 yuan (.30 cents USD)  when there is not an exhibition or 5 yuan (.75 cents USD) during an exhibition. When you enter the park there are beautiful gardens and grounds and, as you can see in the picture above, a pavilion at the top of the hill. It is a steep incline, but short enough to conquer by even the most ornery teenager anyone. 
This is the view from the top, The Forbidden City.

D, just that morning, had decided that pictures are fake if you weren't smiling already before the picture is snapped. So that is why he is making that face. 

Oh the memories we made getting this family picture!

At most tourist spots there are places where you can dress up in period costumes and get your picture taken. I have learned that "tourist" does not mean just foreigner. Beijing has many, many Chinese tourists. Makes sense!

 Note to hubby: We WILL be taking one of the above pictures, as a family, sometime before we leave China! So prepare now.

The view around the pavilion is a 360 degree view of all of Beijing! It is a must see, especially on a rare clear sky day like this day.

At the top of the hill is that actual city center of Beijing.

One more look at The Forbidden City
 While looking over the Forbidden City, from the top of the hill, I realized that I appreciate the palace much more from this vantage point. When we traveled into the Forbidden City, it just seemed like a lot of old buildings. In my opinion, to really appreciate it you should see it from here also.
All over Beijing we are seeing these new signs. A new campaign.

A first sight of spring along the mote of the Forbidden City

I love this shot with the hutongs at the left and the tower at the right.

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lynne said...

i love dayton's faces in these pictures. so hilarious that he has taken on that photo-mantra. That kid cracks me up!

And also - those views are so amazing!!