Monday, April 16, 2012

798 District- Beijing

There is a place here in Beijing that I had been really wanting to visit. Before I came, I read this book and the author said 798 District was her favorite place in Beijing. Today was the day!

It is an area made up of old factories that are now art galleries, shops and cafes. Two friends and I spent the beautiful spring afternoon strolling the alleyways.

I am not too into art, 
but I really loved the architecture of the buildings. 
These giant wooden doors were beautiful up against the red brick.

A typical alley in 798 District. 
 There are many, many foreigners here. As a matter of fact I saw a guy wearing a Giants hat! Go Giants!
I have gotten very used to people not understanding our conversations due to the different language. Sometimes I say things that I wouldn't normally say in a room of English speaking people *shame on me* but I say it because I know that nobody else can understand me. Today, while in a gallery, I was doing this about a piece of art of a naked lady...I began to talk to my friend and realized that everyone in the room spoke English and they had heard my raunchy interpretation of the piece. Yikes!
Storefront with bright orange facade.

This aqua and green chipped paint door was the best art I saw all day, and it wasn't even art!
 All throughout the complex there are huge statues, sculptures and artistic pieces throughout. Below is an interesting piece attached to a brick wall.

One type of art. Can you spot the Mickey?

The buds! I am always the shortest:)

Interesting pipes run from factory to factory.
The trees made for the perfect shade for our BLUE SKY day!

An example of the outside of one gallery. This architecture is not typical in Beijing. 

Beautiful ivy covering this building.
My two cents: The three of us had not been to 798 before. We all sort of felt like there were treasures among us, places we should see but we just don't know where they are. What we did see was interesting and cool. I would love to go back again, spend some more time and explore. We were there for about two hours and barely scratched the surface. There are some really neat restaurants that look interesting too. Great trip for our first time and the company was priceless!

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