Wednesday, April 25, 2012

sprING in beijING

I have to admit I have been feeling a little bit homesick this week. I have been under the weather which always makes us want our moms, right? 
And with spring in the air it makes me long for my own garden!

BUT Beijing has blossomed and there is beauty all around! I have not taken for granted every color, fragrance and bloom I have encountered. Here are some things I have seen.

Each morning as I walk to the gym there is a row of lilac!
They didn't last long but when they were in bloom the scent was glorious!

The blooms are brilliant but the blue sky is the star here!
We just don't get blue skies very often!

I love the nature juxtaposed with the concrete jungle.

Lilac Row!
 Something odd about spring here is all of the fluff blowing in the air. People have their fair share of allergies. Right when it was time to open the windows we couldn't because of the floating fur!
A small example of the floating fluff
 And what causes this? Beautiful willow trees!
One of the streets we go to for dinner. The willow trees are wonderful!
Peonies are one of my very favorite flowers! Check out this post from my own garden (sniff sniff) and how excited I was to finally get a bloom! 
I was equally as thrilled to learn that the amazing park near my house has a peony garden. A few nights ago I saw they were ready to burst. So yesterday I made it a point to go back to see the blooms. I wasn't the only one, there were many taking pictures like me.
Peonies in RiTan Park- Beijing
 More blooms from RiTan Park

 I know you've seen this view from our living room window plenty of times. However, we have never seen the trees this green as it is our first time here in the spring.
The green tree tops from our living room view
I couldn't leave you without a picture of my favorite tree climber! Here is D, sporting his Beats, climbing a tree next to the ancient city wall. How many kids can say they chill near something that is over 500 years old?  
If you are considering a trip to Beijing, April and May is a good time to come!

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Chelin Miller said...

The fluff! I know!! It gets in my eyes, ears and nose!