Friday, June 29, 2012

SO CAL ~ Around the world stop #4

We have a few places we call "home" and Southern California is one of them. This leg of our trip was focused on lots of family and friends time. Here are a few of the highlights.

Visited my alma mater- Cal State Fullerton- where hubby and I met.

Richard Nixon Library and Museum- although we really didn't see "everything".

Mrs. Knott's "famous fried chicken dinner" at Knott's Berry Farm Restaurant.

Lots and lots of good American food! BBQ with the cousins.

Swim time with the cousins.

Friend Time!
 I chopped off a lot of my hair!
My longest friend and I.
(Am I the only one who never knows where to look on the back of an iPhone camera?)

Grilling with the cousins.

Cousins, but much more like twins!

Summer Reading- in a very odd spot!

College Roommates- still great friends after all this time!

Manhattan Beach

Beach Time at Manhattan Beach
Next Stop...Northern California!
(the REAL home)

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john:and:aim said...

OMG - how awesome!! Ed & Dixie, Tiff... I haven't seen then in sooo long! Enjoy all the "American" food!