Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NO CAL ~ Around the world stop #5

This has been the destination I've been waiting for! 
Home Sweet Home!

Although it is odd because neither Beijing or Northern California actually feel like home. Nevertheless our family and friends are there so it is the closest thing to home that we have. 

Hubby was with us for the first two weeks, although we rarely saw him because he had to catch up on all his work. We stayed in a hotel for those weeks and it was good we did because we all got the stomach flu. Thank goodness it was short but we all got it after 24 hours, one after another. Not fun being quarantined!

After hubby left we moved into my parents house. For three weeks we played, played and played some more. Every day was full of fun and memories. I feel so lucky to have so many meaningful relationships in my life!

Here are some highlights...



BBQ with good friends!

Pond with friends!

Picnic with friends!
Great America with friends!
We also swam with friends, lunch with friends, jumped on trampolines with friends, fondued with friends, and chilled with friends.

A's VS Red Sox- A's won!
Giants VS Astros - Giants won in extra innings!
Ran to, around and from my old high school!

D and I went to San Francisco to the museum!
 E spent a week in the mountains for camp!
Lake Tahoe with parents and kids! Love this place!
We were able to spend a lot of time with family. We had lots of meals together and watched many Giants games. These are times we will treasure, especially the gin rummy tournaments.
Fenton's Ice Cream!

Helping Grandma and Grandpa!

Eating! My mom made shepherd's pie!

The two Daytons!
Sisterly love!
Great Grandpa of the year!
It is amazing that we have been in Beijing for a year now! We have one year to go! It was hard to leave this time, but easier because the quicker I get back to Beijing; the quicker Christmas will be here! 

Thanks to everyone who made this summer amazing for us!

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