Thursday, September 20, 2012

This Week In Pictures

Unbelievably beautiful and rare sky moment in Beijing.

Wanna eat here for dinner?
We have eaten at many "dents in the wall"
(too small to be "holes in the wall")
but this place is not where I will be eating any time soon.

Chinese men love to pull their shirts up to expose their bellies when it is hot. So hot!

Korean BBQ- saturday night out

Korean BBQ - the other half

Headed out for a night under the stars with all the fifth graders.

Breakfast on the streets of Beijing.

RiTan Park in the Fall

We had a full five days of "nice" air before the haze appeared again.
This is a good day from D's window.

Our 3rd floor "salon" closed so D had to find a new place for a haircut.
He is always quite the center of attention when getting his hair cut here.

Lunch on the streets of Beijing.

Friday night date night...via subway...during rush hour.
Our last night together as a family (for a while) .
We decided to do D's birthday dinner at his favorite (expensive taste) place,
Japanese Teppanyaki.

How about this for dessert? No thanks!

Off to Shanghai for volleyball. Go Dragons!

Excited to have a whole weekend with just mom!
Starting our weekend off with International Day at school.

Hubby is off to Zimbabwe. 
Next time we see him will be in Thailand.


Leslie said...

I loved seeing your week in pictures! Happy Birthday D!! I can't wait to hear about the Thailand trip! Love you

Liz R. said...

i love this perspective!