Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Week In Pictures

Friday night rugby game and International Festival at school.

My favorite part of Beijing, except the mosquitoes

Saturday hang out at the park

Treats for mom and D

We have been watching these buildings being built for a full year,
they are finally done.

Scripture Study and homemade spring rolls

Easy and healthy

E's high school band concert, bass clarinet

My grocery store, Jenny Lou's.
There are mosquitoes there too! Yuck!

Popcorn balls for D's  5th grade class to celebrate his birthday!

Happy birthday 11 year old!

The freshman

Greetings from hubby in Zimbabwe

My first big Chinese purchase!
An indoor fountain and antique buffet.

This four story sign near our apartment says,
"The Diaoyu Islands belong to China."

Jupiter wants to go to Thailand with us!


LaDeana Wilke said...

I love your pictures of the week. You got a picture of me when I wasn't looking. I love your new furniture. It looks awesome. So jealous, in a good way. 8

Anonymous said...

let's just see if this will take. heheheheee.... love the pics. Sorry about the mosquitos.. Yikes..even in the grocery store. Dayton and Emma's school pics are so cute. Miss them and you too. OK...LOVE the antique!!! Really pretty. Glad you found something you like. Have a great time in Thailand! You may be gone already :( Enjoy the relaxation!! Happy 40th!!!! Love you !! Chach

Leslie said...

LOVE the Buffet!!