Saturday, October 6, 2012

Top Ten Reasons To Visit Phuket, Thailand

1. JW Marriott Phuket/Phuket Marriott Beach Club
Probably my very favorite property we have been to.
It has it all! Click here for more information. 

The weather was tropical with scattered showers.
This is the view of the ocean from our building.

This resort is also a JW Marriott hotel.
These rooms have private pools and hot tubs.

My favorite view. 

Two adorable baby elephants roam the property twice a day.

The gazing pool from the lobby.
When you check in you sit in a lounge bed and they give you a lei and a cold drink.
You do not step foot near a front desk.

 2. Listening to the ocean as you sleep

Mai Khao Beach.
Unfortunately, this beach is too rough to swim in.
The one drawback of this particular property. 

3. Good Food
We ate so much good food! This was calamari by the pool.

Pad Thai with scrambled egg on top.
When I was little we had a Swenson's ice cream parlor just down the street.
Same sundaes, same light fixtures, same wafer cookies!
What a treat and a great memory...of all places in Thailand!
Pineapple rice
Street food crepe stand with Nutella and freshly shaved coconut.

4. Fun Shopping
Lots of fun stalls to put our Beijing bargaining skills to work.
I always hated incense until I visited Thailand.
Now I love it because it takes me back there. 
Fresh coconut juice for $1 USD

5. Crystal clear water~ good for snorkeling and diving

All ready to go!

Hubby and kids spent four days getting certified.
It is cheaper to do it here than in the US and the great diving!

All certified! Congrats!
Little D is a natural.

On the final dive day I joined them on the boat for a day of snorkeling, food, sun and fun.
The fish were great but seeing my family on the bottom of the ocean was even better.

6. Bonding time
Look who I ran into on the way to the gym!

Happy family memories!

7. Relaxation
Can't wait to go back!

Beach massages for $11 USD per hour! Pedicures and foot scrubs too!

Boat rides with yummy food.

8. Culture
Wat Chalong Buddist Temple
Pictures do not do this temple justice.
I could not capture the glistening gold but it was breathtaking in person. 

 9. Kind locals
The owners of a restaurant on Patong Beach.
The food was the best we had all week and they were very sweet to us. 

10. Romance
Towel animals in our villa.

Romantic walks on the beach.

I love all of our trips! 
But I left here kicking and screaming and am counting the minutes until we can go back again.

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