Saturday, October 13, 2012

This Week in Pictures

I love wrapping gifts but in China it is a boxes. This is a Crystal Light container wrapped in paper. Great for little gifts, especially candy or cookies.

Chinese take-out night.

Lily and our Cantonese feast!

Dog Park with 2nd Ring Rd traffic.

Dog friends.

Someone is becoming blond(er)...with Russian dye! Scary!

ISB school busses

Breast Cancer Awareness: all the moms were
presented pink roses by the volleyball players.

Cross Country Course- is this even China?
Perfect day for running!

Elementary Cross Country Runners for International School Academic Competition.
D's buddy came in third!

Better late than never!
The boys birthday party. He doesn't like cake or frosting
so we did brownie cupcakes.

The birthday boy and his laser tag friends!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your week in photos. Enjoyed it.

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Dayton! We miss you! It looked like you had a really fun birthday! Casen doesn't like cake or frosting either, so he may have brownies as well. Thanks for the idea :)

Liz R. said...

bunny ears even in china. it must be a part of human nature.