Thursday, October 18, 2012

This Week in Pictures

Even though this pic was not technically taken this week,
we got our underwater DVD with pictures of the divers back this week.
See here for more Thailand pictures.

Our church has a semi-annual General Conference.
Here in China we view it a week later.
We spent all of Sunday watching inspired leaders counsel us
about what Heavenly Father wants us to hear.
Jupiter enjoyed the Tabernacle Choir.

The Sandalwood Museum, near a friend's house.
No blue sky on this day.
Gaobeidian Furniture Street shopping with Alice.

Antique hand carved doors and shutters.

Old railroad house. 

Pottery at a furniture store.

Assortment of Chinese decor accents.

Chinese bowls intended to be made into sinks.

A super expensive French inspired furniture store.

Quaint alley way.

Interesting green doors.

Jianguomen Wai. This rainbow lights up at night.
Hoping to get a picture of it as this is very close to our apartment.

Topiary on Jianguomen Wai.

Just outside our door, the ever popular Ya Bao Lu intersection.
This is our  "hood".

It is common to have non-running vans like this parked all over.
They serve as storage rooms for "ma and pa shops".
This one is for our corner fruit stand and convenience store.

Another "storage room".

Close to our front door you can find chickens and rabbits in cages on the street.
So far, I don't think they are for food.
One day when they disappear I will wonder.
Jupiter sniffs them daily.

Welcome autumn!
Had to put away all the summer clothes and unpack our "cool" clothes.

It is not uncommon to see Ferraris and other high priced cars in Beijing.
This one was parked at our apartment complex.

D enjoying a banana milkshake at Grandma's Kitchen,
of course while rooting the Giants to victory!
These milkshakes are something we will definitely miss when we go home.

E's favorite dinner: Naan bread, Butter Chicken and
Chicken Shahi Korma from Ganges Indian Restaurant.

Jupiter's best friend is this security guard.
These guys work twelve hour shifts and greet us all a lot.
Despite me asking over and over, he would not look at the camera....shy.
Once again, forgive me for my blurriness ..I am always so nervous I am going to get yelled at when I snap a picture,  so I do it quickly.
Thanks for viewing!