Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Week in Pictures

Two words for this week: Giants and backache!
Congrats to the National League Champs!
I spent most of the week flat on my back with a pinched nerve.

Representing here in Beijing!

Hubby got his driver's license a while back.
We rented a car for the weekend  ($50 USD) to give us some freedom.
Drove out to Dulwich School for a volleyball tournament and visited a friend in the hospital.

Clothes donations.
So many things we brought to wear, we don't, so we are donating them.
Less stuff to take back!

Hubby concentrating on driving.
It is much different that US driving.
10 and 2

Jupiter took a walk in the rain and needed a bath.

Do you see that big blue blob?
That is a flower arrangement! They are quite popular.

7 Chinese men and 1 security guard hung out in my apartment for two days while they repaired our bathroom wall.

While hanging out at ISB (International School of Beijing) for parent teacher conferences I was able to see the trophy case. Happy to report my daughter has contributed to this case in volleyball.

We had some wind, blue skies and some rain this week.
This is how our view looks today. Smog!

Biggest Giants fan in Beijing!
Watching the World Series over breakfast,
Go Giants!

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Anonymous said...

did they find that smell in the bathroom? Not sure if that was the reason the wall was being worked on. Looking good. Love the pic of soaked Jupe :)