Monday, January 21, 2013

Week In Pictures

Cortisone shots for her shoulder and flu shots for both kiddos.

News crew on the roof of the building right outside our window.
Reporting on the air quality I am sure.

E is at mutual, D and I have a date night at FatBurger.

Getting ready for Chinese New Year!

Are these "matte" colored cars popular in the states?
They are everywhere here in Beijing.

Our neighbors must love music practice time.

A boy and his baritone. My bamboo tree is dying. 

More snow on Sunday.

Arriving at book group. 

Young Women came to watch The Notebook.

The blue sky stayed for a day. The ancient city wall of Beijing.
Other highlights from the week:

The boys went 45 minutes out of Beijing for a day of skiing. It cost around $50 USD for all rentals, including clothes and a lift ticket. They had fun. Hubby did not get hurt. I was a chicken because it was too cold, so no pictures. Maybe next time....maybe. 

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