Monday, January 7, 2013

Zip Lining Kauai Style

You would think that someone like me, who is deathly afraid of heights, would never go zip lining. But this is the second time I have been able to do it and it so much fun and not scary at all...well, maybe just a little bit.

Many years back, my sister and I went zip lining here in Kauai. I knew then that it was something I wanted to do with my kids and hubby. This trip would be the trip. After finding a company that took kids under twelve, for  D, we suited up and were anxious to go. This time two cute nieces joined us too, which made it even more of a blast! 

Courageous Cousins- By the way, Grandma and Grandpa got each grandchild a Giants World Series shirt. Some of us decided to wear them zip lining.

Our gang

Such a fun way to bond as a family!
 The first time I went,  years back, we did about seven zips. Each zip ended on the ground and we would hike to the next. This course was very different. We zipped from tree to tree and also went on rope ladders from tree to tree. That means we never touched the ground until the very end. We were harnessed in for every minute and I felt completely safe. 
Waiting in line, high in the treetops.

An example of two of the rope ladders.
Being securely harnessed was key to me doing this at all.

The view from 80 ft up. The entire course was in a forest.

There were seven zips and four ladders for a total of three hours.

Hubby strutting his stuff.

It was so fun to see the smiles on my kids faces.
Here is D hanging from the line.

E always had such style as she zipped along.

There were also swings in the treetops.
Did I mention you are harnessed in the entire time? Still, I did not give it a try.

The longest and fastest zip of the day. What a view.

Here is E balancing on a balance beam high in the sky.
This freaked me out!
You would think that zip lining is a high adrenaline activity. Quite the contrary, it is very peaceful and enjoyable. I totally recommend it. If you are ever in Kauai, Just Live is the company we used. 

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