Friday, February 22, 2013

Eight Hours in Singapore

I have to take a second to say just how blessed I feel to be able to have traveled so much in the last eighteen months. I am, sometimes, not very grateful for these opportunities because of the stress it causes me but I have looked back and feel very grateful for what we've done. I am also happy to be able to share our adventures with you!

Happy New Year! 
Since it is Chinese New Year, and we stayed in Beijing last year, we decided to take the opportunity to head to Australia via Singapore. We just had about eight hours to see what we could. I wouldn't recommend this since it wasn't quite enough time to see the city and we missed the night safari, which I was quite interested in. 

It has sort of become a trend to go and see amazing architecture. Ever since I saw the Marina Bay Sands on tv, I knew I wanted to see it in person. Here is a picture below, from the internet, because we could never get into a good position to get our own great photo op from the bottom. We knew that this was our first stop in the beautiful, tropical, WARM Singapore.
Photo courtesy of Google

Marina Bay Sands from the bottom

The Marina Bay Sands is a hotel but you cannot just go to the top on your own. You have to buy a ticket, which does not necessarily allow you to view the pool and garden area. For free, ask to take the tour. It is an added extra twenty minutes that allows you to view the infinity pool and garden roof views. Totally worth it. 
The very famous port of Singapore from the roof of the Marina Bay Sands.

City view from the Marina Bay Sands. 
Leaving freezing Beijing and heading to tropical, humid Singapore was a nice change. 
Beautiful tropical flowers.
The top of the Marina Bay Sands looks like a ship, but it really is an infinity pool and garden. Here is the view from the top.

This just proves we were really there.
Once we finished at the Marina Bay Sands it was hubby's turn to choose the direction to head. He chose to spend the afternoon in Little India. 
Beautiful, colorful Little India in Singapore. 
We have all (except the eleven year old boy) learned to love Indian food while living in China, so it was a treat to get it here. We ordered way, way, way too much food! Notice D's plate with nothing on it. He refused to eat. 
Different curries and lots and lots of varied Naan bread.

The streets were filled with colorful shops selling jewels, incense, and spices. The smells were divine.

After traipsing around Little India we were hot, full and not motivated to sight see anymore. We taxied back to the airport for free Wifi (for the teen) and a nap for mom. 
Next Stop: Sydney!

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