Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week In Pictures

I arrived back in Beijing from my trip late Friday night and I knew I was in for a whirlwind week of fun!

Parent Teacher Conferences and Spring Concerts.
So proud of my two great kiddos!
Softball pitcher and baseball player.
It was a special week! Friends from CA were in Beijing and I got to be a tour guide. It was a great way to jump right back into the language and culture. 
Awesome memories and awesome friends. 

A boy and his noodles. 

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace.

Candied strawberries at Wangfujing.

Rickshaw ride!

I picked up a magazine to thumb through and look who I found in the upper right hand corner!
(Super Bowl Party)

The Great Wall at Mutianyu.

Spring is on the way!

Happy Birthday to my fifteen year old girl!
There is a reason why it says "I CLIMBED the Wall".

 Next up: Pandas for Spring Break!

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Lindzie said...

how did you make it into the magazine?! how cool!