Friday, June 27, 2008

Big Step Number One!

HERE HE IS!Now an official first grader! I was so much more emotional than I thought I would be. For his sister, each milestone filled me with pride and anticipation. For this little guy, I want to just hold on to him as tight as possible. Is it because he is a boy? Is it because he is my baby? It is hard not to fast forward to high school graduation and college graduation and realize it all goes by in the blink of an eye. But for now...he will have the coolest first grade teacher in town! ME! (Only on Thursays though, the rest of the week he will have the second coolest first grade teacher in town) :)


Jan said...

Time does go fast huh Jen. He is such a cutie. That is so great that you will have him on Thursdays. What a time.

Congrats big boy. You will love 1st grade. My daughter would love to know your daughter. My daughter has a blog.


There are alot of LDS girls that communicate.


Tammy said...

Time passes so quickly!!! Enjoy every stage of his life. I look back and it is true. In a blink of an eye Bryan went from my itty bitty toddler to passing the sacrament and heading off to scout camp for a week. Enjoy it while you can!!!

lynne said...

oh, congratulations, mr. d! did you sing your heart out?!