Monday, June 9, 2008

Take Time To Smell The Roses

I have been a bit under the weather. :( It's not fun to have a fever in summer heat.
But I did get to indulge in a guilty pleasure, in which they are making into a movie.
~All the while my TO DO list is growing~
  • help E finalize science project done
  • buy gifts for parent volunteers
  • finalize teacher gifts
  • sew slipcovers for outdoor furniture modified- sewing machine problems
  • complete and wrap coach gifts for baseball- done
  • prepare sub plans
  • put Father's Day cards in mail asap- done
  • complete and wrap Father's Day gifts for hubby
  • mop floor- done
  • wash windows
  • clean bathrooms (notice the fun stuff is at the top)- done

I bet your list looks similar to mine. Let's muddle through it together!

Have a wonderful week!


Jan said...

Thanks for the supportive hand and cheering. Yes it is similar to yours. But, we're all in this together huh. Hope that you will start to feel better soon. It is taking me awhile to get over mine. Have a great week...

Fuji Mama said...

Oh you poor thing! Get better quick!

Tammy said...

Get better soon!! And for goodness sake please call if you need anything!!! I am not that far away

Kari said...

Hi Jen!

I love reading your blogs! Its like reading a good book! I learn more about you everyday, even though we have been friends for about 25 years. You are the new Martha Stewart! Keep up the great blogs and tell the family "Hi" for me.


Natasha Burns said...

Get well soon!!! Yay for you with the to do list! I need to make a to do list of the to do lists I need to do... oh gosh I think i'll leave it...!!

Lizzie said...

That does sound busy. You poor mommy. :)