Saturday, June 14, 2008

Salvage Saturday!

Hubby was so sweet and took the kids camping last night and all day today.
I got a complete 28 hours ALL to myself! Woohoo!
I began by going to a fun jewelry party (where I swore I would not buy one thing...I bought 3!)
Then I woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to my parents house. It was time to hit the salvage yards! I love scrounging and I love being with my parents, so this day was destined to be special!

Here is the current gate to my mom's gorgeous garden. She wants an English garden let the hunt begin!
First Stop: Urban Ore~ Berkeley, CA
This place is amazing! Huge wharehouse stocked with stuff! Then an enormous outside area stacked with windows, doors and lots of other goodies. You could spend an entire day here.
I found a few treasures which I will post later.

above- on the left, behind the "eyebrow" windows are the most amazing French blue barn doors!

above- claw foot tubs are in abundance here!

above & below- so many fabulous colors of everything!
above- two of my very favorites in one place! chocolate and chandeliers~ my adorable Dad said that I needed that sign and asked if it was for sale...sadly it was not.

Option #1 Gate- Perfect? Nope, too wide and Mom prefers black...keep looking...

Option #2 Gate- Perfect? Almost, just a bit too narrow for the wheelbarrow to get through. Mom reminded me that she is a gardener.

Next stop- Ohmega Salvage~ Berkeley, CA

Thank goodness for GPS! We just plugged each address in and we magically arrived. This place is not as rustic and cluttered as the first. But the prices are higher. The cool thing is...the salvage yard is on both sides of the street!
Option #3 Gate- PERFECT! BUT... my Dad says the gate HAS to be 5 feet tall since they have a pool.?. I am still researching to make sure this is, in fact, a law. My mom pushed and pushed for this gate but he would not budge!

Option #4 Gate- REALLY PERFECT! SOLD!...Unfortunately it is NOT FOR SALE! What? It is just covering up the windows as a grate! Ahhhh! No fair, it is the exact dimensions- perfect color- good scrolls- we all pushed and pushed but these guys were not at all interested in selling us this gate...patience...

below~ fabulous eye candy!

Above- I've dreamt of a mantel in my bedroom!
above- CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? It is a bit shabby, but the instrument part is in good condition, okay fair condition for $49. It is just perfect for my kids who have not yet learned but would like to try. Then, if they are successful, we could upgrade. I love, love, love the carved legs! Can't you just picture the most adorable Shabby Chic stool in front with a vintage piano book? Ugh! We could not get it home today! I really want it, I think I HAVE to have it!

Third Stop- This And That~San Pablo, CA

This final place mostly had building supplies.

Option #5 Gate- Could be perfect, but we would not let my Dad get to it. That vine was covered in thorns! He wanted to check it out so bad!

Okay, so no gate today! But it was so much fun! Every great scrounging day needs a great meal! Check out this awesome place that we ate! I love hanging out with mom and dad! I must bring my family back to this place!

The Dead Fish~ Crockett, CA

The story behind the unusual name is that the chef used to cook a lot with his Italian grandma when he was little. She always used the freshest ingredients, especially the fish. He would always ask, "Nonna, what fish is that?" She would never know what the name was so she replied, "A dead fish!" That is how he named this fabulous place! I had the most scrumptious crab enchiladas.

above- there are gorgeous dining rooms, but the patio with private bungalows are so romantic! They each have an overhead heater so the weather is never an issue!
above- the amazing view from "The Dead Fish". I'm told that at night, when the bridges are lit up it is breathtaking...I would love to see that!
Theater of Dreams in Port Costa, CA~ Sadly this store was closed. She has loads of antique silver goodies. My mom remembers seeing this store in Victoria Magazine.

Thank you for joining me on this fabulous day! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Thanks to hubby for taking the kids, especially on Father's Day weekend! You're the best!


Jan said...

That was just as much fun for me as it was for you. Well not really, but boy I sure enjoyed all the pictures and your day was perfect.

Nice husband by the way.

Tammy said...

Sound like you had an oh so fabulouso day!!! I can only dream of my hubby taking all three kids camping!!!! I would settle for one or two to be honest!!!!

Lizzie said...

It was so fun camping!! But I hope you had a great time shopping for a gate! thanks grandma and grampa for letting my mom having a great time hile we were gone!!! :) -E

Poetry of Life said...

Looks so fun! I'm sorry you didn't find your gate, but if I'm ever in need of something, I know who to go to!

Fuji Mama said...

What a fun day!

lynne said...