Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things!

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Hopefully you hopped on there to check out my new commitment. With that, I have been changing a lot of things I do...one is taking out high calorie items from my diet. I found this artichoke lemon pesto at COSTCO and use it for everything! Now mind you, if you glance at the nutrition label it may not look like the healthiest alternative...BUT I am replacing it for mayo and let me tell you IT TASTES SO MUCH BETTER! Plus I use one tablespoon, which works out to be much less than mayo.
I have used it for everything (besides pasta since I hate it) and have come up with some yummy ideas!

One of our fellow bloggers is living a dream of mine. She and her husband have purchased and are restoring an ancient provincial cottage in France! Check out the story here! Get this! They will NOT be living in it, they will be renting it out as a vacation home. (my birthday is coming up. hint-hint)


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