Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Architectural Elements

Most of the doorways in our home are arches, but this one that passes from our kitchen to our family room is not. I have always envisioned the possibilities of jazzing up this area; intricate moulding, chunky columns, whatever will provide character. If I could fill my entire house with chippy architectural pieces I WOULD!

A friend and I went here today. I found some corbels that I thought would be perfect for this space. Check it out and tell me if you agree!

walk through~before

two faux corbels~ just wasn't crazy about the color

a light coat of cream spray paint, then rub some off with sand paper

family room ~ after

view to the kitchen

a little closer

I really love them. The best thing is I can take them down and put them somewhere else( like maybe under some kitchen cabinets) when I get bored of them there.
I saw this piece at the store and cannot get my mind off of it!!!


G and G Nut said...

BEAUTIFUL! Jen, you are so talented. My house needs someone like you.

Stephanie said...

You are amazing! I love them. My house also needs someone like you. I had a great time today.

..Kris Naven.. said...

So awesome! You are so creative! I love it! :)

Hatch Family said...

good job! looks great!

liz said...

they look really nice!

Poetry of Life said...

Way to go! You always have a good eye for things.