Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kitchen Pantry Redo

One of my favorite blogs, Stephmodo, recently posted about kitchen pantry organization. With the new year upon us I couldn't help but get wrapped up in the organization of it!
Sadly I did not take a before picture. But I can tell you that the shelves were unlined and although it was once organized it, after many trips to Costco...well you know.
I first emptied the pantry completely and cleaned it all from top to bottom. Then I lined the shelves with leftover wallpaper from the garage. I sorted the items based on likeness. I ALSO GOT RID OF AS MUCH PACKAGING AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! I really have a passion for displaying everyday items in unique ways. So I went around the house and garage looking for items that are not being used efficiently and gathered them up. Above is a "stuff" basket that now holds popcorn and crackers.
Because of a laundry room redo (pics soon!) we had some premade laminate organizers laying in the garage. I thought one would make a great seperater. THINK OUT OF THE BOX, LITERALLY! Those little Jello boxes always bugged me, this made the ideal spot for them. I love it when that happens!
This is my favorite! This old metal bread pan has been used for hundreds of different things. Right now we have a surplus of Hot Chocolate. Perfect for the envelopes for these and oatmeal. Behind it is a grass basket filled with Easy Mac. If you think we don't have much cereal, I use large glass jars on my kitchen island for it.

I love having most of my baking supplies in airtight containers. No more hard as a rock brown sugar or ants invading my chocolate chips. Plus, take a peak at the mint green chocolate chips in the far right, so cute in a Mason jar!

The chalkboard door is not new, but the pictures of my kids inside the pantry are. They were literally just hanging out near the pantry and I thought, "Why not hang pictures in your pantry?" Oh, and do you like the gentle reminder to the kids? Usually I have dinner ideas listed (for me) and breakfast/snack ideas (for them) listed on the chalkboard.
Besides an awesome pantry- look at all the garbage that is not in my pantry now! Incredible! I really have a bone to pick with these companies about all the packaging they use!

Jupiter thinks so too!

Hope something here inspired you! If not, I'd love to come over to help!


liz said...

Great job! Someday I hope I have a pantry to organize!

tammy said...

I love your organization. I am the same way using different unused containers around the house for mine!!!

stephmodo said...

Awesome. You go girl!

Leslie said...

Very inspiring. My new house has a pantry that will need some organizing. Maybe a good friend will come give me some direction? :)

Hatch Family said...

love it!

Unknown said...

Jen, you rock! That looks so pretty. I love the wallpaper liners!
Now you just need a hot chocolate machine for all that mix!

Poetry of Life said...

Yay Jen! You always put a unique flair to everything. Looks awesome!