Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Weekend - Part I

Off To A Great Start!
I knew Friday was going to be a "never forget day", more in next post. But after waking up early and heading to the ATM I stopped at a garage sale just around the corner from my house. It was 7:15 am, sun shining and some cash in my pocket.
There were three boxes of china sitting on the ground. First, and most importantly, I liked the pattern. Second, I poked around and saw some serving pieces...something I am low on and always need. I asked how much for all three boxes and thrilled at her answer, I didn't even bargain! Although I knew the boxes were full I was not quite positive of everything that was in there. I knew enough to check the back and knew Haviland was a good source. Score!

This is what I got-

  • 7 dinner plates
  • 8 salad plates
  • 8 dessert plates
  • 8 cups and saucers
  • 8 fingertip bowls
  • 8 cereal bowls
  • 8 butter pats
  • 3 serving bowls
  • 1 platter
  • 1 gravy boat
  • cream and sugar
  • 1 covered medium serving piece

Guess how much?

stay tuned in my next post to see how much my steal was!!!


Jessica said...

So jealous! I am very impressed with your find!

Leslie said...

I love it! So pretty!